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Graduate Survey

Graduate SurveyGraduate survey (Gözde şirketler)

Graduate Survey (Gözde Şirketler)

Best companies for new graduates survey has been contacted since 2009 and it has been the ranking of Bloomberg Businessweek magazin since then. Each year there are around 250 companies and has an average participation of over 20.000 university students.

Measuring the corporate image and candidates tendency to apply, the survey is carried out online and had the answers under several topics.

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Graduate Survey project aims to identify The Best Companies for New Graduates. It started in Turkey and now becoming a worldwide project.

Students from various majors e.g Economics, Administrative Sciences and Engineering from different universities participate the survey that is conducted online.

Participation to the survey is voluntary and anonymous.  In order to increase the reliability of data obtained, the forms with fulfillment ratio lower than 90% are excluded.

Participating companies have been chosen by students thru focus groups and by us from the results of previous years. Companies that wish to participate can contact us.

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